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Stelvio National Park

The purpose of Stelvio National Park is to preserve and protect the natural environment to allow studying and admiring now and in the future. So, the park exists to be visited.

Walking, hiking, climbing, depending on their preference the visitors can find what they want in the Park. The winter season lends itself to very interesting visits, both for those who love ski touring and ski mountaineering, and for those who prefer to walk along the valley floor. Scenery, unspoilt nature, flora and fauna. Roads in the valley and a network of well maintained and marked trails allow you to safely reach the most attractive places.

The Fauna
Many species of wildlife inhabit the Park: that does not mean that their sight is easy. Is required, in fact, patience and experience, and perhaps the help of a guide. Perhaps for this, seeing a majestic deer or a shy roe deer is an unforgettable thrill. Deer, roe deer, chamois and ibex are the “principles” of the Park. Many other mammals (foxes, stoats, marmots, squirrels, hares and others) inhabit meadows and forests protected by the Park. Numerous birds find the Park as an ideal habitat:  from the magnificent golden eagle to the kestrel, from the royal owl to the woodpecker (red and black), from the partridge to the grouse. In the recent years the majestic bearded vulture can be seen, thanks to a reintroduction project.

The rivers and streams in the Park are home to trout and char, while in the ponds and mountain lakes can be found the frogs and the salamanders. There are also various reptiles that inhabit the Park: adders, blindworms and lizards.

The Flora
If animals are for many the reason for a visit to the Park, the vegetation and flora are a beauty that often affects and excites no less the sighting of an ibex or an eagle. The big Woods, pastures, the extended flowery are highligting indeed the need of their protection, both to allow the enjoyment of future generations is as perfect for the Alpine fauna. From spring to autumn, the Park is filled with beautiful colors and delicate perfumes. Rhododendron, gentian, martagon and red, arnica and many others compete to make it even more beautiful meadows and forests.      

In the Park live several species of conifers, spruce, white pine, Swiss pine, larch, mugo and silvestre.  There are little-known species of flora and rare, as the Lady's Slipper, other well-known and popular as the Stella Alpina: but all amaze for their beauty and ability to live in often adverse conditions. Perhaps the most striking sight is given by large expanses of flowers covered with many species, with their colours that create a unique pasture.  


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