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Sport Hotel



logo_ecolabelLet's be eco-friendly

Sport Hotel is currently in the process of being Ecolabel-certified.

We have committed to reducing the environmental impact of the services we offer our guests. This commitment is certified by the EU Ecolabel.

Being focused on strict compliance with stringent criteria, Ecolabel certifies the efficiency of the measures taken to protect the environment. A guarantee from our facilities to our guests.

As a matter of fact, on top of meeting legal standards, we commit to using sustainable development principles in our ordinary management practice: for example, we avail ourselves of renewable energy from solar and PV panels, we purchase local produce and organic produce for our guests' tables, we use low-consumption light bulbs for rooms, we enforce waste sorting and encourage guests to co-operate in respecting the environment.

Also, we regularly verify our environmental plan and its results in order to be able to further improve our environmental protection measures. 
We truly believe that protecting our land is an act of love to those who live and will live in it, and to those, like yourselves, who appreciate and visit it...


Our guests were

Simone Annichiarico Aprile 2012

Sport Hotel Adventure

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Hotel Ecolabel


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